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About Us

Hiraka is a creative partnership between several people who a real passion for furniture, home re-furbishment and commercial  furniture project. The team has a combined total of over 30 years’ experience in the business, and we have a solid grounding in all aspects of   furniture design and manufacture. The principle partners are themselves responsible for the design, he engineering of construction, the efficiency of production, the finishing techniques and the logistics. We have experience in all kinds of furniture and home decorations, from garden furniture, to all indoor furniture, custom kitchen fit outs, Restaurant/Hotel/Resort projects, and those accessories and decorative pieces needed for the finishing touches of any project. We pride ourselves in our professionalism and attention to detail, and our goal is to completely fulfill the requirements  of our clients no matter how large or small.


Simple because of our experience and knowhow. You can present us with the concept of your projects ideas, whether that  be for a single dining setting or a complete resort projects, in any form you like. That may mean a photo, a sketch or a set of fully detailed technical drawings. We will then design and draw your furniture fully realized in 3D on computer.  During this process all the exact   dimensions, joinery and construction, and pricing will occur. We will then present you with the drawings, fully rendered in photo realistic colour if necessary, the price and the production timeframe for you approval and a decisions as to how to proceed. In the   commercial sector, we have previously worked on projects for such high profile clients Word Wide Using this experience we are certain we can take on your project, whatever it may be, and deliver on your expectations. Complete and professional furniture services no matter what your requirements.

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